Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Nokia: The Downfall of The Titans

Which one of you doesn't know Nokia? Yeah, that giant company of handphone has been ruling the handphone industry since I was in elementary school. In my place, if someone has a handphone, that's must be Nokia. Known as the powerful build and design, also the user-friendly interface, Nokia is more preferred to be someone's handphone comparing to Samsung and Motorola (or others). But that's just an old story that isn't worth it anymore.

The new players just keep coming and coming. In Indonesia, we have that fever that someone preferred to buy China's handphone (like Nexian, CrossX, and others) because the price is just as low as an usb. Apple, known with the market destruction style, seize the handphone market with its iPhone. Also, that would indicate the era of smartphone that with just a phone, people can do anything, like taking pictures with high resolution, HD gaming, HD video recording, internet integration, and many more. With that development, new technologies are just keep coming and nowadays, people are just liking what Google produced as an open source operating system called Android. Samsung is the company that produced many kinds of this operating system. Android is more preferred because it's offering an open source style of operating system. With that kind, people can add their creativity to adjust their smartphone with their style. This kind of smartphone has ruling the handphone market and has made Nokia really going down to its market.

Nokia won't grab Android as their operating system. They just using their own operating system, like Symbian OS. They also cooperate with other operating system developer, like Microsoft with its Windows Phone Mobile, Meego, and others, but not Android. Just how stubborn can Nokia be when others are rocketing with Android?

In reclaiming the market situation now that has been ruled by Android and iOS, Nokia focusing on Windows Phone development. It's quite catchy, but not as far as Samsung with its Android that keep rocketing in the smartphone market. Sony also have a good start too with its strategy acquiring Ericsson and making Xperias Android smartphone. At last, only the one that meet the needs of users that can claim the market of smartphone today. Nokia also should have considered to make an agreement with Android so they can have the competitive market again.


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