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The Taste of MIB 3 [Spoiler Alert]

Just want to share (and a little spoiler for those who didn't watch yet) about my thoughts on MIB 3. This is just for fun, so, enjoy. =D

The First Thought.
I never watched MIB and MIB 2 before (technically, I've watched them but not the whole story and I count it as a never) so my first thought at the start of filming is "This is gonna be awesome, and it must be". I've known before at an article that says MIB 3 is a recommended movie to watch, so yeah, it must be an awesome movie.

The Beginnning Scene
Shows some hotness and jokes around at the start of the movie. And I say "Not bad". And then action as usual and nothing special here until agent K and J show themselves. With their character, they just fit in enough in this movie and actually, they are playing good and, oh, there's still a neutralyzer here as the icon of MIB. With jokes around and follow up by the action here and there, I still say that nothing special here. The story starts after the action ends.

This is when I think that the movie really starts. The confused matter between Agent J to his partner make this movie a little bit interesting. The information starts to gather around and from this scene, I start to make a few speculation about the story. First, when the monster got the device, he starts to show something about Agent K. After that, Agent K disappeared while holding the gun. I thought that Agent K is going back to the time that the monster saying using that gun. The movie showing some information again and my speculation is that the future Agent K is going to protect Agent J that going back to the time that Agent K is going, and die. I'm more convinced when Griffin came to the story and showing some information. And second, also the last, Agent J die because he is protecting the older Agent K (but I'm not too sure about this speculation because it's too mainstream and easy to guess). At last, all of my speculation was wrong.

The End
After all, this must be a touching story at the end because it shows that someone has to die in the end. And that's it, all of my speculation was wrong. The end it's not the way I wanted, it's just, in my mind, not very touching. I have to admit that it's out of my mind that the story will end like that, but it's not exceed my expectation. Not the same, but lower. Yeah, in the end, and to conclude, I just like watching the action and the jokes around.

I don't know if my taste is not good enough, but my rate for this movie is only 7/10
But overall, it's a worth movie to watch, and want to say that you better bring more friends rather than a girlfriend to this movie. I think it's more fun to watch this together. =)

And this would be the end of my review, thanks for reading =D


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