Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

New Blog (Yay!)

I've just created my official blog. I really wanted to create a blog but it just realized now after years. Haha. This is my first post, so I think I would like to introduce myself.

Hello, my name is I Gede Wibawa Cakramurti, but i prefer to be called Ocha or so as they say. I'm believing in Hindu. I'm single. I'm 20 years old now and I'm majoring accounting in Gadjah Mada University at Yogyakarta.  A year ago, I was in Padjadjaran University majoring International Relations that located in Bandung, or technically, Jatinangor. My prime language is Indonesia so my English is not as well as the native (well, as you see there will be many mistakes of grammar here, please don't be mad grammar nazi). Why I write this post in English then? As great people would say one doesn't simply stop studying in their life. So yeah, if you know what I mean.

I'm a proud one. Really proud of myself. My favorite food is pancakes. I love pancakes, especially with milk or ice cream (oh that would make it 3 favorites). I like playing basketball and keyboard, but now I rarely (or even not once) doing it again because of some circumstances. Let's just say it that I don't have the facilities to access my hobbies. Haha. I like it here in Yogyakarta, although not as big as I like Bandung, if you know what I mean. There so much lesson that I can take here in Yogyakarta, such as the cultures, the people, also the food (the most important). Yeah, with transferring to Yogyakarta from Bandung, I can compare much things and take the benefits for me.

My activities? Not as full as the others, just doing some college stuff, organization, and Inetting (Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm, Kaskus, and others). Therefore, I can sleep for approximately 8 hours per day. It's really good for your health you know and it also make me more focus when receiving lessons from the lecturer. When in spare time, I watch movies, download musics, TV Series (How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory), and playing online games (such as DoTA, WoW, and others). Yeah, it's a flat life, but I'm trying to make it as productive as it would be. For my own good and for the next paragraph.

I have a dream. Everyone has a dream and mine is not an extraordinary ones. I want to make the world into peace. I also want to be someone that known by every people in the universe. I want to be someone that appears in the history book or in the other famous books. Yeah, I know is a dream, but who knows? I think I'm on the right track to achieve all of that.

What else? I think that's just a dip of Ocha or as the theme of my blog. You will know me further if you keep tracking me on this blog. I hope that I can constantly write my ideas. Thanks for reading. =)

Follow me at @CakraOcha
My Facebook: Cakramurti Gede Wibawa (LuncentFacebook@yahoo.com)
I can be seen in Selasar FEB UGM, PogungBaru, and around Yogyakarta.

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